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seaweed farming tour

Tour Overview

Our half day trip will start to home`s village (PAJE) by going straight ahead to the ocean with our professional Guide with Seaweed farmers from Paje, they will teach in deep how they plant seaweed, they harvest it and how it grows up to be ready to be used and how it is very important to them.

An area of about 20 by 15 feet is staked, then raw ropes are tightened linking the sticks opposite and forming a kind of suspended structure, which has to remain under water even at very low tide.The new seaweed cuttings are then attached to the strings. This seaweed grows quickly and can be harvested after only two weeks, when it reaches an approximate length of 10 inches. A small cutting is left on the string and the rest carried to the village, where it is left to dry out.